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Escaped chimp deaths (2000-present)

  • Escaped chimp deaths (2000-present)

    Date: Aug 7, 2012
    Author: Steve Ross

    This July, a male chimpanzee named Buddy was fatally shot by Las Vegas police after he escaped from his backyard cage. It was the latest in a long list of tragic ends for chimpanzees in the United States.

    Many people express surprise when these events happen ...seemingly forgetting that something equally tragic likely transpired in the recent past. As a result, I list here the sad list of chimpanzees who have escaped and been killed since 2000. I hope never to add to this list, but until appropriate legislation passes, I fear it will be inevitable...

    11 chimpanzees in 12 years


    July 2012: 14-year old male Buddy, escapes from his backyard cage in a Las Vegas neighborhood and is shot dead by police.

    April, 2009: 9-year old male Timmy, escapes his enclosure in Winston, Missouri and is shot by local police.

    February, 2009: 15-year old male Travis, escapes from a residence in Stamford, Connecticut and is fatally shot by police.

    March, 2008: 17-year male Tony, escapes from his enclosure at the M.D. Anderson research center in Bastrop, Texas and is shot by police.

    September, 2005: Three male chimpanzees, Ruben (22), Tyler (10) and Jimmy Joe (unknown) escape from an unaccredited zoo in Royal, Nebraska and are shot by the administration.

    March, 2005: Ollie, aged 13 and Buddy, aged 16, are shot by local police after they escape from a sanctuary in Bakersfield, California.

    April, 2001: Suzy, a 28-year old female escapes from her enclosure at a breeding facility in Festus, Missouri and is shot dead by police.

    June, 2000: Judy, an 11-year old female, escapes her exhibit at the Dallas Zoo, and is electrocuted when she attempts to climb from a high-voltage power line.