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  • ChimpCARE thanks you for your support

    Date: Jun 5, 2011
    Author: Steve Ross

    Two years ago this week, we received notice from the Arcus Foundation, that we were to receive funding to initiate Project ChimpCARE.  Those 24 months have flown by, but it seems appropriate now to reflect on some significant events that have transpired during that time.

    We launched Project ChimpCARE in the summer of 2009, with the intention of assessing the privately-owned chimpanzee population.  While there was a tremendous amount of knowledge about pet and...

  • Did CareerBuilder miss the memo...?

    Date: Feb 8, 2011
    Author: Steve Ross


    Last weekend, 111 million Americans tuned in to watch the Super Bowl and it's likely that most of them saw at least a few of the high-priced advertisements that accompanied the big game.  The going rate for a 30-second spot was right around three million dollars, which means for every second your commercial is on the air, you are shelling out over $100,000 dollars, so you'd better be sure that time is going to be worth it for your company.