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Throwing Muses, "Bright Yellow Gun"

Throwing Muses,

In the music video for their 1995 song "Bright Yellow Gun", the early '80s alternative rock band Throwing Muses, used young chimpanzee "actors" to play the role of men in business suits drinking alcohol, gambling, playing drums and kissing women at a lounge while the band plays on stage.

Michael Jackson, "Liberation Girl"

Michael Jackson,

This video features a cameo of the late artist's pet chimpanzee, "Bubbles," alongside famous actors.

Bubbles was sold to a Hollywood trainer while still an infant. He was purchased for Michael Jackson and soon gained fame as Jackson's pet chimpanzee.  Bubbles was moved to the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, FL in March 2005 with a large group of chimpanzees, all from the entertainment world.

Tears for Fears, "Head Over Heels"

Tears for Fears,

In this 1985 music video from British pop band Tears for Fears, a chimpanzee "actor" appears several times, dressed in a Boston Red Sox baseball jersey and lounging among students at a library.

Alice Cooper, "Elected"

Alice Cooper,

Shock rocker Alice Cooper parodies the american political process in this 1972 video which features a clothed and smoking chimpanzee.