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The Dennis Miller Show

The Dennis Miller Show

Dennis Miller, an American commedian, political commentator, actor, and television and radio personality, hosted his own late-night television talk show called The Dennis Miller Show. A chimpanzee "actor" named Mowgli appeared as a "regular" on this show.

Mowgli has since been retired from the entertainment industry and now resides at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, FL.




Lizzie McGuire: "One of the Guys"

Nov 21, 2003
Lizzie McGuire:

This popular children's program had three episodes featuring a chimpanzee. This episode, called "One of the Guys," includes a chimpanzee that completes Matt McGuire's homework.

King of Queens: "Dreading Vows"

Oct 15, 2003
King of Queens:

In an episode of this popular American sitcom, Carrie (Leah Remini) and Doug (Kevin James) decide to renew their vows. A young chimpanzee "actor" plays Kevin's best man.

Pepsi's Play for a Billion Sweepstakes

Sep 14, 2003
Pepsi's Play for a Billion Sweepstakes

The Pepsi Billon Dollar Sweekstakes was a contest organized by soft drink company Pepsi Cola. This contest guaranteed that one finalist would walk away with one million dollars. Kendall the chimpanzee, owned by trainer Gary Gero of Birds and Animals Unlimited, pulled the winning numers for the contest.

Kendall has since been retired from the entertainment industry and currently resides at the North Carolina Zoo. To learn more about Kendall's story visit The Kendall Project.

I Love the '70's

Aug 2003
I Love the '70's

This decade nostalgia television mini-series pruduced by VH1 featured Bella the chimpanzee playing with toys during the end credits in the episode about 1972.

Lizzie McGuire: "The Greatest Crush of All"

Mar 21, 2003
Lizzie McGuire:

This is one of three episodes featuring a chimpanzee for this popular children's program. In this episode, Lizzie McGuire has to babysit the chimpanzee while she is at a Scottish festival.

Lizzie McGuire: "Mom's Best Friend"

Mar 8, 2002
Lizzie McGuire:

This popular children's program starring Hilary Duff featured a chimpanzee that jumped through a character's window and interacted with two actors on the show.

SNL Olympics: Chris Kattan

Oct 7, 2000
SNL Olympics: Chris Kattan

In the first episode of season 26 of Saturday Night Live, a chimpanzee dressed in clothing is jokingly called Chris Kattan's father. Kattan is preparing to appear in the sketch "Looks at Books," an SNL Olympic event, and the chimpanzee is meant to poke fun at how Kattan got his "unique ability." 

Kenan & Kel: "We Are The Chimpions"

Feb 27, 1999
Kenan & Kel:

In a Season 3 episode of this Nickelodeon teen comedy sitcom, Kenan and Kel (actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell) adopt a young chimpanzee through a zoo adoption program. When they find out the chimp will be transfered, they kidnap him. He is put in a diaper, pushed in a stroller and wreaks havoc in their home.

The Chimp Channel

The Chimp Channel

The Chimp Channel was a sketch comedy show with chimpanzees, spoofing the television shows and movies of the day, using chimpanzee "actors" lip-syncing voice-over dialogue.  The series lasted one season (13 episodes) on the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) and was based on "Monkey-ed Movie" shorts which TBS aired between movies during 1998.