Chimpanzees in the Media

Frans de Waal: I Have Seen My Shadow, and It's Human! (The Huffington Post)

I am no Punxsutawney Phil, but I did see my shadow today and, I hate to tell you, it is human! We, animals, are often said to be like humans in our bodies, but very unlike them in our minds -- is that so?

posted 02/02/2010 8:55 PM

Custody case over for Eli the chimp (WTSP-TV Tampa)

Polk County, Florida - Eli the chimpanzee turns one year old on Thursday. His first year of life has been filled with legal proceedings , but those days are behind Eli and his animal baby-raiser, Gini Valbuena. "As for the trial outcome, it never concerned me.

posted 02/01/2010 5:38 PM

Bonobo 'cannibalises' own infant (BBC News)

A wild bonobo is seen cannibalising her own recently deceased infant, a behaviour never before recorded among these "peaceful" apes.

posted 02/01/2010 4:17 AM

Area animal park at crossroads (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)

The dense woods that offer lush cover in summer for the tigers and lions at Black Pine Animal Park are sparse and desolate in winter.

posted 02/01/2010 2:02 AM

Chimp attack victim suffers setback (UPI)

CLEVELAND, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- The Connecticut woman mauled by a friend's pet chimpanzee has been told she is not a candidate for a face and hand transplant, her lawyer says.

posted 01/27/2010 2:54 PM

World's Oldest Chimpanzee Twins Gain Facebook Following (Animal Planet)

The world's oldest known chimpanzee twins, Golden and Glitter, are among the most successful non-human primate social networkers, with well over a thousand friends at their Facebook page alone. Born on July 13, 1998, the now eleven-year-old twins have defied ...

posted 01/26/2010 2:48 PM

Chimps at city zoo get behind the camera for BBC documentary (The Scotsman)

THE DIRECTOR might have called "lights, camera, action" . . . but the crew didn't stop monkeying around.

posted 01/25/2010 4:16 AM

Zoo chimp has hand surgery (Knoxville News Sentinel)

University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine staffers have performed surgery on Binti, a 25-year-old female chimpanzee at the Knoxville Zoo, to stabilize four broken metacarpal bones in her hand.Earlier this week, zookeepers observed Binti holding a swollen hand close to her body. Radiographs revealed four broken metacarpal bones between her knuckle and wrist.University of Tennessee ...

posted 01/23/2010 9:51 PM

Judge turns down request for chimp DNA test (WTSP-TV Tampa)

SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) -- A baby chimpanzee that is the focus of a custody dispute in Sarasota won't undergo a DNA test.

posted 01/23/2010 5:38 AM

Genetics helps to crack down on chimpanzee smuggling (Science Daily)

The population of chimpanzees across western Africa has decreased by 75 percent in the past 30 years, due in part to widespread chimp hunting. New strategies are needed to curb this illegal activity, experts say. Now, new research suggests that genetics may provide valuable clues as to how to crack down on the animal smuggling trade, while also helping to safely reintroduce rescued apes into the ...

posted 01/22/2010 1:24 AM